Shipping fragile objects by air

Welcome to CS4art, your preferred service provider for safe cargo handling & supervision at Frankfurt airport !

3 hours upon arrival of an aircraft at Frankfurt airport your shipment is customs cleared and ready to depart on any truck for onward deliveries within Europe. We not only assure what we deliver, we escort and monitor all procedures and provide an itemized report.

How does CS4art ensure security?

Following certified workflows our Cargo Supervisors protocol each movement of the shipment. Our special software  stores each activity and automatically links it to the job order system. Via the job ID, the supervisor ID, the date and time stamp virtually every second of your shipment’s move is under control.


Who stands behind CS4art

Headquartered in Frankfurt CS4art is the business unit ithin the CS4 Logistics Group operating the product and providing tarmac supervision and aviation + security services in BER, BRU, DUS, FRA, HAM, LGG and MUC.

CS4 is a specialist company for airfreight, seafreight and project logistics, coming with a team with a strong affinity to all time sensitive and fragile shipments.


CS4art-a division of CS4 Logistics GmbH | Dreieichstr. 5a, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf (FRANKFURT) – Frankfurt Airport Germany | 
Hamburg Office: Lilienstr. 19, 20095 Hamburg | Hamburg-Airport Germany | Bremen Office: Fahrenheitstr. 1, 28359 Bremen