Shipping fragile objects by air

Safe parking on long distance haulages in Europe

While within Germany usually any destination  can be reached upon a cargo arrival at the airport or in advance of an export with reasonable planning (and always double crew) without overnight stay, this is of course not possible on long EU routes.

We plan every long-distance transport in such a way that a vehicle loaded with works of art or other sensitive products can reach a secure night parking destination, within the statutory driving time regulations. "Safe Parking" here means that the truck is parked in an alarm-protected locked hall, which is equipped with a 380 V power supply for the continued operation of the vehicle aggregates (alarm system, temperature system). For the drivers and the accompanying courier we book the hotel and arrange the shuttle service to/ from the hotel.

We arrange "Safe Parking" for your freight journeys in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Liège, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Salamanca, Innsbruck, Vienna, Milan, Florence, Rome and London.


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