Shipping fragile objects by air

Airport + tarmac supervision

What does supervision stand for?

Security services span from physical supervision by trained and experienced staff, from the reception of the cargo throughout the palettization process until the boarding of the dedicated container or pallet. If a freight attendant travels with the shipment, CS4art also books the (freighter) ticket and ensures that the freight attendant can follow all procedures inside the cargo area. Once the shipment is ready to board, our Cargo Supervisor will follow it with the freight attendant in one of our tarmac registered cars.

Supervision of a handcarry shipment?

If you send over a courier with a valuable handcarry, our Cargo Supervisor meets your courier precisely at the aircrafts exit, and escorts him through customs and immigration to his destination. If a complimentary security car or truck is needed, we provide this service. Even armed security is available – 24/7!


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