Shipping fragile objects by air

Making artworks secure

Talking about the exposure of artworks to X-ray is a sound method to increasing museum curators and conservators heartbeat.

In Germany some few companies have agreed an exemption with the Federal Aviation Agency and German Museum Association - almost all artworks and collection items can be secured for airfreight in museums. We have developed an entire scheme of procedures and routines for the safe handling of museum objects.

Non-museum artworks must either be x-rayed or secured by other means and methods. Whilst some kinds may be exposed to x-ray, others shall not or cannot be exposed. Crates with a height above 160 cms ( 62 inch) cannot be x-rayed.

Our solution for this objects is a handsearch or sniffer test in a secure fine art storage environment, performed by security-certified specialists (LSKK). Other than at airline sheds your artwork will be checked in a climatized environment, by art handling experts.

Once secured, a dedicated art truck will deliver the crate or shipment to any carrier at FRA or any other airport. The same experts follow your object up to airline delivery - or even further (See "Supervision").


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