Shipping fragile objects by air


Our Cargo Supervisors are not only familiar with all aspects of airfreight logistics, they are also onsite specialists for customs clearances.

Customs operations in Europe

Normally an international shipment will be customs cleared at destination. This can be in Germany,  any other EEC country,  or any country in Europe. Typically at all European airports a transit document T1 will be opened, which accompanies the shipment to final destination. All shipments under this bond structure need liability insurance. CS4art runs a transit liability scheme which can cover customs duties and VAT up to 10 Million Euro payload.

We also arrange all kind of temporary import procedures for museums, galleries and collections. We have a  broad experience in  consulting in this sector, and should you have dedicated tax issues, we connect you to real specialists in that field.

At destination – unless the customer engages his own customs agent – we clear customs on a temporary or final basis. Of course we also handle shipments travelling under Carnet  ATA ( normally used for orchestra, rockband, exhibitions).

Export licences for artworks

Export licenses for the export of art shipments are another sector where we can be of help. The federal organization of the German Republic with its 21 countries requests that for each vendor in one of this countries a different state agency  must be approached. We know them all.


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